The Feminine Wild

A Six-Week Pleasure Adventure Through The Feminine Archetypes

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Start Date: 4/17 – End Date: 5/26

There is a magic in living in the wild, richness of your feminine expression. And there is an ache. When we step out of that truth. A disconnection that roars within. One that makes us feel separate. Distant. Alone. Less than the full, vibrant powerful creature we are by our very nature. As a feminine being in the world, we are at one with the Mother. The Lover. The Queen. The Priestess. The Warrior. Each aspect, each archetype, each facet of our essence connects us with a truth. Our truth. It creates a space for you to be. Become filled with the Love, the Electricity. The Pleasure. The Radiance of your untamed feminine essence.

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Product Description

Here is a Taste of the Divine deliciousness that is coming your way through The Feminine Wild: You will be invited to powerfully craft your life through 6 undeniable feminine archetypes; Lover, Mother, Warrior, Priestess, Queen, and one of your own creation.

The Feminine Wild is a 6 Week Adventure of Pleasure. An Adventure of the Soul, Body and Being. One guided by the wondrous Briana Anderson and Jo Anna Rothman.


Through this journey you will be offered the liberation from these false stories:

  • That love and pleasure are elusive and not meant for me
  • That working hard to the point of depletion is the key to my success
  • I am stuck, unclear and need to figure out my life
  • There is not enough, and I am not enough
  • Things are stacked against me and don’t work out in my favor

You will be invited to embody these new truths:

  • I am exquisitely loved and connected to all things, especially myself
  • I am cared for, supported, and operate from a space of overflow
  • I am the brave and powerful keeper of my own freedom
  • Everything I need, want, and desire is mine to create
  • My inner strength is inexhaustible and my challenges are always for my highest good
  • I am embodied in, and empowered by my sensuality

How badly do you desire to live this luscious feminine experience everyday? Stronger. Powerful. Magical. Irresistible. Commanding. Truly Alive.

you will be empowered to choose your own path

Engage as you please. Connect with your deep knowing. All with grace, ease and amazing joy. This 6-week journey is jam packed with every resource you could ever desire to dive deeply into the transformation of your feminine expression.

What’s Included:

  • videos
  • group calls with Q & A on Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific
  • choose your own pleasure adventure exercises
  • reflection questions and journal topics
  • embodiment assignments
  • a private facebook community
  • archetype Pinterest boards
  • as well as special surprises and bonuses!

This class has been 2 years in the making. It was birthed slowly and deliberately for you. To bring you to your Pleasure. To your Power. To your Joy. It was created to bridge the connection between the human experience and the divine truth. To invite the feminine mystery, magic and mastery into the life of every woman who desires it. Are you that woman?



Jo Anna Rothman

Jo Anna Dane Rothman is…

what one would refer to as “the real deal.” This woman walks her deep and delicious spiritual walk all day, everyday. And of course this spills out into the transformational work she leads her clients through. Anyone who awards themselves the divine privilege to experience her ends up changed and revealed. What makes Jo Anna so refreshing and real is her refusal to skirt around the rawest truths. She is a pillar of doing what needs to be done for true inner liberation. And check out her blog! Her writing is transcendent, her personal voice an invitation into your soul’s sublime journey. She is also the masterful and generous creator of two wildly popular 32 day processes, The Receiving Project and The Project of Loving. With Jo Anna, the gifts simply don’t stop. You are in for a life altering treat any time you participate in one of her exquisite creations.

Briana Anderson is…

a force of nature. She is goddess in human form. Bringing forth tremendous courage in the exploration of her heart. Of her love. Of her being. She has created…and continues to create…a masterpiece of a life. It is glorious to behold. Her life is a testament to pleasure. She hears the call of truth and walks towards it. Courageously. Embodying her Self like the magic maker she she is. Briana is a pleasure coach extraordinaire. Inviting women into their essence. Guiding them to create a life that sizzles with the rockstar essence of who they truly are. Her work is luscious, deep and full of what makes a human experience worth living. She is exceedingly generous with her wisdom and her love. You should sign up for her newsletter if you want to get a taste of her wonder. She shares her own journey with incredible grace. As well as giving you real ways to increase the the flow of pleasure in your world. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram… because knowing her is pretty spectacular.

Briana Anderson

The Feminine Wild

6 reviews for A Six-Week Pleasure Adventure Through The Feminine Archetypes

  1. 5 out of 5


    WOW, I can’t wait to immerse myself in this course!! Mainly because of the two amazing Goddesses who are facilitating it. Jo Anna and Briana are both dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and downright FUN. I have known and worked with both of them in the past, separately and now they are together. I am beyond excited, I am stoked!!

    What a wonderful way to explore the feminine mystic and truly understand it in this unique way. I so want to dive in and truly know how these archetypes work and how they impact my life. I know this will change my life and be entertaining and educational. Can’t wait to begin!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have had the unique pleasure of working with both Jo Anna and Briana individually. They both have such compassion, wisdom and have given me amazing tools to work with. Since working with them I have made leaps and bounds on life long issues. I’m still a work in progress, but I am so excited to work with both of them. Together they are a power house. I can’t wait to see where this adventure leads me.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I really feel that the exercises and activities we were prompted to do helped a great deal with self discovery and changes made in my life.

  4. 5 out of 5


    The total discovery process of this course was wonderful!
    Every lesson was a new discovery. I crushed walls, opened my eyes, and found myself validated.
    The connections I made through participating were a wonderful surprise.
    The Feminine Wild, is not just an eye opening, soul journey and exploration, but I find myself going back to review the material often, to a particular archetype, as “life stuff” happens. I refer back to playlists, pinterest boards as well! Journaling more than ever. Priceless….I would recommend The Feminine Wild without hesitation.

  5. 5 out of 5


    My favorite part of The Feminine Wild was the daily emails and getting to do the work of looking for the different archetypes within myself. I wasn’t familiar with the goddesses at all prior to the course and I liked learning about them, hearing others stories, and trying to find pieces of each one in me.
    Even though I often feel different, I was surprised to find that I did feel connected to a group of complete strangers in the Facebook group. I think this was just an introduction and I’m glad I have the pinterest boards and playlists and journal topics to revisit. I like that all of these aspects were integrated.
    I would encourage any woman considering signing up for The Feminine Wild to go for it, goddess!
    I usually don’t like online courses, but I feel like this one was more thoughtfully put together than any others I’ve tried.

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Jo Anna and Briana’s Feminine Wild course was one of my most inspiring and empowering experiences last year. To think I almost didn’t sign up! These two powerhouse women were so clear on their own unique vision of the aspects of the Feminine. What they shared was cohesive and developed, with many layers revealed as we went.

    What I loved most was how they took us through our own direct experiences in many ways, giving us varied tools to explore and leaving us space to find the magic that is perfect for each of us individually. And they witnessed and celebrated our discoveries with us at every turn.

    Each week, I was surprised at what would pour forth from within me. Months later, all of those treasures still ripple through my life, and I am strengthened by knowing and being able to call forth the archetypes of the wild feminine that are always here, with me, as me, and reflected in the world around me.

    I would do it again in a flash to see what new layers would be revealed. It was a brilliant, original course.

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